So I’ve gone through the site and cleaned up a lot of old posts, reviews, comments, and the like. Well, lets just be honest about that – I’ve deleted everything from the site. I’ve switched to a new theme. I’ve removed a couple of categories, such as “Upcoming Books” – which the GoodReads site handles better than I can, along with other links that I no longer felt added any value to the site. I think I can safely say I am putting up a whole new site. Hopefully it will be fully operational by the 1st of 2017.

Part of the facelift includes putting new content up, such as all new Book Reviews, Blog Posts, Original Writings and of course, naughty Fan Fiction. I hope you’ll keep stopping by to look at the progress of this new site, or lack there of, that I am making with the overhaul. Oh, and I’m going to attempt to add “BuddyPress” as well, just to see if it adds anything to the mix, such as in discussions and the like.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.

Be Happy.


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