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Book Review – The Machines of Bellatrix

With everyone chasing them because the Girl’s From Alcyone are considered to be a huge threat to the galaxy, Sigrid realizes that she and her sisters, along with their new home, will never be safe until all those who wish her and her’s harm are dead. And Sigrid will stop at nothing to protect what’s hers, especially when it comes to her lover, Suko.

Book Review – Crimson Death

After not being able to finish the last Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book, Dead Ice, I swore no more Anita Blake and her psycho-babble bullshit, her guilt feelings about her sordid sex life, and hundreds of pages that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot. . This applied to the Anita Blake book before that. And the one before that. And, well, you get the idea. Yet, as we all know only too well, hope springs eternal, and since Hope is my middle name I went out, plopped down the dough, and walked away with the latest Anita Blake book titled Crimson Death. Wait a minute, Hope isn’t my middle name, but it sounded like a good reason to do something stupid. Oh, and I didn’t walk away with the book, I ordered the Kindle version and Amazon delivered to my iPad. Thank God I didn’t really waste gas to go out pick it up. At least that was smart on my part.

Book Review – The Monster I’ve Become

So you’re a US Marshall and your Aunt, whom you could never stand, asks you to come visit what do you do? Well, of course, you jump right in your jeep with your roommate in tow and head on out. Yes, sir, that’s just what I would do! Wait! No! It isn’t! I’d tell her to blow me. Of course, if that had happened we wouldn’t have had a book to review. Oh, if only I could have been that lucky. 🙁

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